AE City Jump

AE City Jump

Jump across the city skyline

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  • Addictive gameplay
  • Simple to pick up and play
  • Fun graphics


  • Repetitive gameplay
  • Not much graphical variety



AE City Jump is a fun casual game in which your mission is to jump from building to building without falling.

Mind the gap

In AE City Jump you star as a little stick man who swings on a rope above a city. With each swing you make you must cut the rope at the right moment so that you land onto the top of the building below. Extra points are awarded for hitting the center of the building - or landing on the edge.

AE City Jump is an 'endless' game in the sense that there are no levels and you just keep going until you fall. You can collect (or purchase) 'energy' which allows you to restart a game from where you fell without losing your points. There's a daily leaderboard where you can pit yourself against other players around the world.


Making the leap

AE City Jump is a simple concept that uses simple controls, making it a perfect distraction for kids. You simply tap the screen while the stick guy is swinging to cut the rope and watch him fall. The only factors to consider are wind speed and gravity which vary as you progress, so you should keep an eye on the indicators at the top of the screen.

Inner city life

The design of AE City Jump is based around a hand-drawn cartoon world, and it looks great. Animation is smooth and the city is wonderfully realised in a felt-tipped pen effect. However, the background and the design of the buildings doesn't vary a lot as you move through the game.

The verdict

AE City Jump is great fun to play and it's very addictive. However, it lacks the variation in both gameplay and scenarios to stop it becoming very repetitive. 

AE City Jump


AE City Jump